Product Details

  • Diameter:7.2m maximum
  • Weight:75ton maximum
  • Material: cast steel
  • Grinding teeth
  • Tensile strength: more than 120,000 psi
  • Yield strength ( 0.2% offset ): more than 100,000 psi
  • Hardness: more than 265 HB
  • Gear Quality Standard: AGMA Q10
  • Heat treatment to split ring gear for reduce stress
  • Magnetic particle test 100% in according with ASTME-709

Large Ring Gear

Large ring gear is a main part of rotary kiln and ball mill machining. It needs to work for very long time to have the whole barrel to rotate. So customer requirements for large ring gear is very high and strict.

Company Introduction

Our company Symmen Metal is a professional casting company especially in casting steel field. We have passed IRIS and ISO9001 quality system. Our engineers use Huazhu brand CAE software to make perfect process. The biggest weight of work blank we can do is 80 ton. We have our own metallurgical equipments like electric arc furnace & refining furnace to meet our customer’s material requirements. Heat treatment furnaces make parts to be with specific hardness. Inspection equipments include spectrum analyzer, leeb hardness tester, water glass tester, magnetic particle tester, ultrasonic tester, metallographic microscope, etc…For large ring gear we also do grinding to avoid stress concentration. Our cooperation institution is China national gears quality supervision testing centre, Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering and certificates can be issued.

Japan Shimadzu Spectrum Analyzer

Ultrasonic Tester

CMM from Italy

30Ton Electric Arc Furnace

Magnetic Particle Tester

Leeb Hardness Tester

Metallographic Microscope

40Ton Refining Furnace


Use a more durable large ring gear,just now!
  • Do special heat treatment technology to improve ring gear’s structure and hardness. At the same time, abrasion performance and impact resistance strengthen a lot.
  • Powerful casting ability is the base of ring gear making in batch with short delivery period.
  • Use high strength steel for casting and optimize ring gear according to rotary kiln working way. That can make sure this part can work stable for long time and lifetime extend.


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