Kiln Tyre

Kiln tyre (also called riding ring) is usually a single steel casting, machined to accurately circular dimensions and with a mirror-smooth texture on all surfaces.It is a large and most important support part for rotary kiln,which plays a very key role in the stable operation of rotary kiln.Big volume,heavy weight,difficult daily maintenance,high technical requirements,bad working condition are chief characteristic.

Its function is to pass all shell gravity(including firebrick,internal device and raw material) to the roller,and make shell rotate stably on the roller.Thus riding ring must have enough strength and durability.At the same time,it is also a part to strengthen shell radial stiffness so should have enough stiffness.Common materials include ZG45,ZG42CrMo,ZG42CrNiMo.It is widely used in cement industry,chemical industry and metallurgy industry.

In a word,a kiln tyre is one of the most critical components in a rotary kiln.If a crack occurs,time to repair or order a new one becomes the most important parameter.And of course it needs much time and money.So we sincerely advise customers to choose a regular company with strict quality control system instead of comparing with different prices.

Product Details

  • Material: Alloy Steel ,Carbon steel
  • Diameter:9m max
  • Weight:20-200 ton
  • ISO9001:2008 Certificate
  • According to drawings and specifications

Reports for Customers

  • Mechanical Test Report
  • Hardness Test Report
  • Chemical Test Report
  • Heat Treatment Report
  • Magnetic Particle Examination Report

Quality Assurance

  • Chemical checking in the Qualified Lab
  • NDE after Rough Machining
  • Mechanical testing after Heat Treatment
  • Final NDE, Dimensions check

Our Advantages

  • High strength and excellent durability
  • Advanced process of double medium quenching and strong adaptability
  • Simple structure and easy to manufacture and maintain.



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