Ball Mill End Cover

Ball Mill And Ball Mill End Cover

Ball mill is mainly composed of cylinder, feeding end cover and discharging end cover, main bearing, feeding bushing, discharging bushing, power equipment, etc.
Ball mill end cover is one of the key part of ball mill, its structure is relatively complex, long production cycle, high precision of processing and assembling, so when compiling process routes, should fully consider its manufacturability.


The Material & Structure Of Ball Mill End Cover

Ball mill end cover is slightly conical in general, which is considering the configuration of main bearing. Large and medium-sized ball mill end cover are mostly manufacturing by cast steel, the ductile cast iron is used for the small type ball mill. In order to ensure concentricity of the end cover axis and the cylinder axis, usually the end cover and shaft neck will casting together. But in the case of equipment ability is not enough, also can casting respectively, after processing fastening them together, and then to do mechanical processing.

Ball Mill End Cover’s Machining Process

Depending on the location of end cover, there are feeding end cover and discharging end cover.
The casting quality of the end cover has a great impact on the service life of ball mill. End cover is generally divided into integral type and split type: the former refers to the overall casting and welding on the cylinder directly, make it become an whole, its feature are less material, light weight, simple production process, easy to guarantee quality; the latter is to put the end cover and the hollow shaft casting respectively(considering the factors such as transportation, can be divided into two parts, four parts, even multi-part….), assembly after the processing, bolting, this kind of structure needs more material and more amount of finish.

Damage Cause Analysis Of End Cover

After a long running, will bring the wear and tear of end cover due to material fatigue, but can not be timely maintenance also can aggravate the wear and tear,If there is a small amount of material entered into between the inner hole and spiral tube, can cause end cover inner hole of the wear and tear.If no timely discover and maintenance, can cause cracks, voids, etc, as a result will affect ball mill operation.

Improvement measures are as follows:

1. Improve the casting process of end cover, improve the quality of castings, especially the quality of the shaft neck. Such as can set up cool iron in shaft neck, in order to improve the solidification velocity of molten steel, and to reduce casting defects. Also can ask an expert to make targeted study on the casting process.
2. Strict inspection method, not allowed to have obvious casting defects and micro crack lines. For defective castings need to seriously study demonstrates whether can be used again after repairing.
3. No matter what form of castings, treatment of relieving of internal stress should be done. For example, regarding shaft neck could use such as shot peening, sandblasting, etc…
4. The outer surface of the shaft neck must be obtained from the mechanical processing, fillet radius should be greater than 120 mm, should improve the level of the surface finish, in order to avoid stress concentration.
5. The internal surface of shaft neck should also do mechanical processing, in order to avoid stress concentration.
Shaft surface of internal jugular should also mechanical work
6. If possible should be changed structure of inside plate of end cover, in order to reduce the stress concentration of high stress zone.
7. In the shaft neck of end cover increased casting reinforcing rib, this measure has its two sides: on the one hand can decrease the maximum stress, but on the other hand has greatly increased the difficulty of castings, more likely to cause the casting defects. Using this method is not recommended, unless it is used for repair the end cover that have been cracking.
8. Suggested that the manufacturer and the user cooperated with each other, from casting, processing, installation, operation and maintenance until the scrap, establish archives, tracking management, provide first-hand information to solve the problems about end cover.


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